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Ideal Club for Accuracy and Distance: The Golf Club 3 Wood

The Golf Club 3 Wood

A 3-wood (also known as a fairway wood) offers the ideal combination of distance and control on holes with tight or narrow fairways. It can also help you avoid hazards such as water or bunkers that may lie in the landing area of a driver shot.

Even PGA tour players like Henrik Stenson keep a trusty fairway wood in their bag as a confidence booster when their driver is not playing well. This is an important consideration for recreational golfers as well.


A golfer needs to balance distance and control when selecting a club to use from the tee. While a driver offers maximum distance, the 3-wood can provide better accuracy on tight holes with narrow fairways where it is easy to hit the ball into hazards.

The 3 wood has a smaller head and shorter shaft than a driver making it easier to hit the ball on the center of the face. This helps reduce the chances of missing the green or getting stuck in bunkers.

However, just because a 3-wood can be more accurate doesn’t mean it is always the best option. For example, if Player 2 has an off day with his driver and must choose between the 3 wood and a hybrid, he is better off playing the hybrid because it will still give him a comfortable approach shot into most par 4’s. He will also gain much more distance by hitting the green with a hybrid than he would by hitting his 3 wood.


The golf club 3 wood can cover a lot of distance when it is hit well. This makes it an important club for most golfers to have in their bag. This club helps them to reach the green in one shot on par-4 holes and it also provides extra confidence off the tee when their driver is not performing.

However, it should be noted that golfers should not use their 3 wood as a replacement for their driver, especially on tight holes. This is because the club can be difficult to hit well, especially when it is positioned low in the bag.

It is recommended that golfers get a custom club fitting and find out the optimal length for their 3 wood. The right length will ensure that the club is easy to swing and that it offers maximum control. It is also a good idea for golfers to practise their shots with the fairway wood until they can confidently hit it well.


A 3 wood is typically the second longest club in your bag behind your driver. With a larger clubhead and shaft that is shorter than hybrids, it’s designed to promote launch. It’s great for launching shots over longer bunkers or as a back-up to your driver on tight holes with trees. The bigger clubhead also slides easily across the grass and rough, unlike a hybrid which has a much smaller face.

Many golfers will carry a 3 wood, 5 wood and sometimes even a 7 wood to cover different distance gaps in their bag. The lofts of these clubs are usually spaced such that they can be used for a variety of course conditions. Choosing the right woods for your game will depend on your swing speed, ball flight preference and distance needs. Shaft flex is also a consideration. Whippy shafts can store energy in the downswing and release at impact whereas stiff shafts may not flex enough to create club speed.


The higher loft of a fairway wood (3 wood) compared to a hybrid (4-9 irons) allows the clubhead to launch at a greater peak height, fly further and land softer. This is why most amateur golfers choose to add a 3 wood to their set.

To hit a standard modern 3 wood correctly, you would need to spend weeks, months or even years developing the correct angle of attack and clubface control. And the majority of amateurs simply don’t have that time.

Unlike your average 3 wood, the EZ3 is designed to work for amateur golfers of ALL ages and skill levels. It doesn’t require insanely good timing or extra 110 miles per hour of swing speed. It counters the number one cause of most amateur 3 wood swing faults, allowing you to make pure center-face contact and effortlessly launch high-trajectory shots off the deck. This is the biggest edge you can give yourself from the tee.

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